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Gondoliers were Unlucky After Long Pre-Match Discussions

 14th Mar 2020

20191130-MensGondosTeamWe were rubbish and unluckly...

but does that really matter, in these stressful times for some, but not all, well not at present, maybe later or not.

Well it is 2020, we have the world wide web, internet, 4 and 5 G mobile phone communications, supported by the GHC website and fixtures, the despised app by our Maths Lecturer Teamstuff, and Nick Mowat's personal Gondoliers Whats App set up by Stevio Windsorio-Lewisio, so we know what we are doing.

Well today, amid the growing concerns, the actions and the lack of actions for some, but not all, others have an option, others do not, well not at the moment, but may have in the future, depending on what information they do have or are waiting for, but do not know who will be providing it and when.

Then, the public announcement from Guildford Hockey, quoting from the English Hockey Association guidance that older members should consider not playing at this time of uncertainty and the issues known and not known about Covid-19. It seems that our leader was trying to get the team to Haslemere for 1.00pm, two and half hours before the start at 3.30pm to set up self exclusion zones for those over 65 in the higher risk group.

The pre-match session in the Haslemere carpark ended with some going home to return by 3.30, the remainder went to the clubhouse to tea, coffee or a sharp pint. (Definitely not a half.)

In the clubhouse the tactics were all aspects known and unknown issues of Covid-19. This covered China, USA and Donald Trump, the Mexican who brews Corona and the strange reason why their world wide sales are down. Then the closing of  the air routes and country borders, no holiday makers please.

Will the UK step up its resources for the NHS, the Social Care system, cremations and burials. Will or will not the schools close for 4 months, yes 4 months or more that is total disruption to A-level exams, this year GCSE's, university degrees and similar. Other countries are planning to do, why and why they should not. The UK is certainly not set up for that one. Think of all the disadvantages, what are or will be the benefits counteract these ?

Returning to Cornwall where most of the early mining of tin was confined to placet deposits, all the streams which cross the granite areas having large quantities of "stream Tin" in their beds. In the 1970's some tin has even been recovered from deposits washed out to sea by the Cornish rivers. So Staycations may be the order of the day once all borders and travel restrictions are in place.

Gareth Jones book "Shed Men" ISBN 1-84330-745-6 Humour £6.99, will offer the over 60's a refuge whilst Hockey is cancelled.

The Shed has a special place in the hearts (whether they knew it or not) of British males. As a sanctuary from the outside world and other things, (to be individually specified) allowing him space for the prized objects of dreams that do not have a place elsewhere. Covid -19 will drive this project to greater heights.

Quintet. Complete the fifth group by replacing the question marks with letters that finish the sequence.

1. G M V U F

2. R K C P Q

3. W X E D

4. X V Y Q T I X

5. M F ? ? 

Then to the game...we assembled with a squad of 13, we welcome back John Asdell to the fold after his testing of the NHS and a trip to Australia, welcome back John. Now how is the foot injury you sustained during the game?

Haslemere were sharper to the ball, harder in the tackle, some not legal under the normal rules of hockey, but hey that's hockey. They scored, we tried, but were not a match for them, not much going right or left and not much luck on our side. Brett Smith in goal had a busy afternoon making saves, well done.

We did not score, but did have chances. All in all now back to planning and unplanning business, socials and holidays in the UK. Concerns about the nation's children and students and the disruption to come and how may companies will not survive 1, 2, 3, 4 or more months' lack of trade and cash flow.

Well it is 2020, probably a year to watch in history for those under 60, maybe.

Then onward! Let the voice of Fame

From Age to Age repeat thy story

Till thou hast won thyself a game

Exceeding even Euclid's glory.


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