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Gondoliers Sort of in Control(ish) at Epsom

 8th Feb 2020

20191130-MensGondosTeamHaving been laid off by injury for 18 months it was a pleasure to return to the Gondoliers on Saturday. I was struck by how much younger and fitter everyone looked, and how we have now leapt into the digital age with an app. I assume Peter Gordon will soon sit in the bar and do his umpiring via a drone….



First Half

Saturday saw the away rematch with Epsom Vagabonds, who beat us earlier in the season. All started well with Sturgess putting us 1-0 up with some nifty stick work. He also had a huge assist in the second goal, assuming you call being mown down like a hedgehog on a motorway by the Epsom keeper an assist, but anyway it resulted in a flick which Gordon duly converted. 2-0 and looking sort of in control(ish).

Epsom then came more into game, and, despite some sterling keeping by Brett in goal, punctured the Gondoliers defence twice to make the half time score level at 2-2. 

Second Half

The second half started nervously, but the Gondos kept attacking and from a short James Shelbourne emerged to flick home. Things began to look promising when Toby Mullins capped a strong run with an exceptional strike to take the Gondos into a 4-2 lead.

However, there was still time for the second flick of the game, this time conceded by the Gondos. This made for a nervous last five minutes, but the Gondos girded their loins, flexed their muscles, stiffened their sinews and a few other things and held onto to record an away win that takes us to either 4th or 5th in the table (depending when the app updates).

Oh, and...

It would be remiss not to mention for anyone who missed it the second most important game of the day (Steve), where apparently a group of green Celts achieved a bonus point win over another group of red Celts.



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