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Dear Members,

Guildford HC is a Community Amateur Sports Club run by a group of volunteers on behalf of its members.


As such it is really important for members to be involved in deciding the club’s future.

Please attend Annual General Meetings to hear about plans for the upcoming season and future and to cast your vote.

AGM 2023 will be held in May to decide the 2022/23 budget, subs, match fees, constitutional changes, and board members...


AGM 2022 - Monday 22 May

  • In-person at GHC in the clubhouse bar area: 7.30pm for 8pm start
  • Online option available: please login by 7:50pm for 8pm start – check email for meeting link on the day

Click on the below links to see our AGM 2023 information and proposals to be ready for the presentation and voting. Thank you!

Annual Reports and Information 2022/23


Additional Background information:


Agenda and Approximate Timings - Monday 22 May

  • From 7.30pm in the GHC Clubhouse:
    • Join us in the bar area; bar open and video review of 2022/23 from 7.30pm.
  • 8.00pm: Welcome and Introduction (Mike Kefford, Men's Captain)
  • 8.10pm: President's Message (President, Maggs Kyte)
    • Developments and Achievements
    • Thank You's
  • 8.15pm: Proposed Board and Constitutional Changes (xxx)
  • 8.20pm: Plans 2023/24 (Dan Fox)
    • Club
    • Hockey
  • 8.35pm: Financial Report, 2022/23 Budget/Subs/Match Fees Proposal (Treasurer, Mark Lenel)
  • 8.50pm: Votes (constitutional udpates, budget, subs, board, 2022 AGM minutes) and AOB (Mike Kefford)
  • Q&A
  • Closing Statement

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