Guildford Hockey Club Est. 1912

Facelift for Clubhouse 1st Floor

 4th Sep 2013

Club House Face LiftIn another example of fantastic GHC spirit, a posse was formed to give the upstairs bar area a good scrub and coat of paint. Have a look at the results in the ‘match report’ where you can see the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos. Come and enjoy the ‘after’ in person at the Club!

We made good progress but there are more plans and ideas. New flooring and perhaps some updated furniture. And then there is always the downstairs area… All of this, of course, requires time and energy and funds. Thank you in advance for any and all offers of help to keep our Clubhouse a nice place to be. Not many Clubs offer views overlooking their pitch as nice as ours. Our Clubhouse has served us well for the past fifteen years ­ let’s look after it for many more to come.

As always, the difference is made by the people involved. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who picked up a sponge, roller, paintbrush or feather duster: Christophe Boulanger, Cathy Sanderson, Jacqui and Gary Smith, Will Esplen, Hamish and Siobhan Ferguson, Kathryn and Anthony Greenhalgh, Peter Wilson, Sarah Bishop, Melinda Rock and our team of Juniors who interspersed painting with sessions on the pitch: Alex, Ariane, Elliot, Freddy, James, Joachim, Raphael, Tomma, Wills. And to Angela Thompson for believing we could make it happen and moral support.


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