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 2nd May 2014

The National Hockey Museum is having new life breathed into it. When the National Hockey Stadium in Milton Keynes closed, the museum lost its home; its pieces and archives were put into storage. Now with a new home in Woking and a motivated group of volunteers, the museum is back on track to showcase a rich history of our sport. The Curator is looking for contributions and volunteers to help.

Guildford Hockey Club Archives

This is a good opportunity for Guildford Hockey Club to get our own archives and history sorted out in order to showcase in our Clubhouse and on our website. And then also to share with the National Hockey Museum. If anyone would like to run a project or help on a project to do this, please contact .

There are some files in the office that will start to be examined and catalogued. But there must also be a lot of history in the form of news clippings, photos, stories, letters and more sitting in files and albums at home that can be shared. Please start digging around to see what you can find and send in.

We have the perfect tool to share this history - our GHC website. It can be fun to look back and see our successes (and whatever else). Please have a look at the NHM Curator's letter below to understand more about the NHM project. If you are interested in helping, please get in touch with Mike but also let know so that we can coordinate efforts between the two projects.


Letter from NHM Curator

Dear Member,

I would be surprised if there is not at least one member of your club who has an interest in the history, heritage or statistics of our sport. I am a member of a growing group of volunteers, over thirty in number, who have come together through word of mouth to re-form the National Hockey Museum. We now need more volunteers & I am hoping that someone from your club might like to join us in this fascinating & growing project. There is also something in it for your club!

The first museum was set up at the National Stadium at Milton Keynes in the 90s but when that closed we lost our home & some of our possessions went into store. Now, thanks to the help of Woking Borough Council, we have reformed in some ideal premises in Woking. Currently we are cataloguing the original collection together with new collections that arrive every week. A look at our website will give you a good idea of the diversity of our embryonic project. We really have only just started so it is an exciting time to be “in at the beginning”.

I am sending this letter to clubs within a convenient radius of Woking, targeting enthusiasts within easy reach of Woking. Any volunteers can be assured of a warm welcome. Absolutely no experience is necessary as all volunteers will receive training in the arts & sciences involved in working in the museum & archives. It will not be a big commitment but will be a very rewarding one. Currently we meet on Tuesdays & Wednesdays but this will increase as more people become involved. There is also scope for some work to be done remotely, away from Woking. Please circulate this information to your membership & ask them to contact me direct.

Now, what is in it for your club? Well, if any of your members join you can ensure that your club is featured in our archives & records. I am also pleased to extend an invitation for a group of your members to make a private visit to the museum. Although we are not yet open to the public we are very happy to welcome visitors by appointment when you can see at first hand the tremendous job that we are doing at the only hockey museum in the world.

I hope to hear from you or some of your members in the near future.

Kind regards

Mike Smith

Curator ­ The National Hockey Museum

07718 385804


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