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Winetasting Winners

 6th Oct 2018

What a special event we had appreciating wines from around the hockey playing world alongside local cheeses. There was a lot of learning and laughing going on. And a few raffle prize winners as well. Massive thank you to Matt Slominski for organising such a great evening...

Massive thanks to supportive and enthusiastic parent Matt Slominski and the Under 16 Boys for organising this and to those who came to support and enjoy it.

Our raffle prize winners are:

  • VineKing very special bottle - Mike and Naomi Kefford
  • 1-2-1 Dan Fox Coaching Session - Kelly Taylor
  • Dog and Pheasant Voucher - Mark Lenel
  • Wine Tasting Voucher - Harry Curtis

Huge thank you to those who donated raffle prizes and purchased tickets - much appreciated and so valuable to have this support to keep building our club.

A couple more special mentions...first to the VineKing who came from Weybridge and did a fantastic job informing us not only about the wines we were tasting but about how to appreciate and taste any wines.

And also to the Bourne Valley Garden Centre and Farm Shop in Addlestone who supplied so many delicious English cheese to go with the wines - outstanding! Have a look here to see what they were and please do consider a trip to Addlestone to support this terrific Garden Centre:

The Farm Shop @ Bourne Valley Garden Centre

Woodham Park Road, Addlestone KT15 3TH

Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar

From Ford Farm. “Firstly, we create delicious, full bodied farmhouse cheddar at our Dorset Cheese Farm using milk from local herds.  We then wrap the cheese in cloth and take it to the caves at Wookey Hole where it is transported deep into the heart of the caves.  We leave the cheese to mature in this constant atmosphere (11 degrees all year) for up to six months.  We taste it regularly and test its texture to ensure it retains its moisture and takes on the full flavour and earthy characteristics of these historic caves.  The result of our labour of love is our award-winning Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar.”


Dorset Red

From Ford Farm.  Dorset Red is a delicately Oak Smoked Hard Cheese.  It is a mild orange cheddar, which has a rich creamy texture, and is cold smoked over oak chips and matured for three months. 


Blue Stilton by Colston Bassett

Colston Bassett is a small village located in the Vale of Belvoir in the South East of Nottinghamshire, close to the border with Leicestershire.  This Stilton is smooth and creamy with distinctive blue veins, which become more strongly defined as the cheese matures.  Best kept in the fridge and wrapped in wax paper, but removed from the fridge a couple of hours before eating and served at room temperature. 


St. Endellion Brie

This is a luxury Brie from Cornwall.  Handmade and enriched with double cream, it is a full-bodied rich, soft cheese with a slight tangy finish.


White Stilton with Mango and Ginger

Long Cawson Dairy.  “Sweet and refreshing mango pieces and spicy crystallised ginger burst through White Stilton to warm the taste buds. Serve on ginger biscuits with crème fraiche for a quick and tasty dessert, and pair with a medium white wine”.


Rosary Goat

Rosary Goats Cheese began in Salisbury 1988 and has since developed into a fully established dairy. The cheese is a creamy and fresh goats' cheese with a natural acidity and a mousse-like texture. Made from pasteurised goats’ milk, it's a versatile cheese that is also suitable for vegetarians.


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