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Second Hand Kit Shop Up and Running

 27th Sep 2019

GHC-CrestColourGHC's first Second Hand Kit Sale was a success - please continue to donate...


Just a quick note giving you an update on the second hand sale, which was held last Friday night...

Although we didn’t get as much kit as we had hoped as many families were holding out until they get new kit from Hawkinsport this week, we still made over £100 and were able to kit out many happy kids, so I hope that it was a good start!

I’d be happy to do it again when we have stockpiled some more kit. (In fact, a few more items were donated at the end of the sale so we already have a few items waiting in the wings 😀)


I’d be really grateful if you could thank your teams for their donations and just add a small reminder not to throw out any used kit.


The club would be delighted to receive any donations of used kit for our next second hand sale.


Anyone who has kit to donate can bring their used goods along to Broadwater clubhouse any Friday night, leave them in the labelled box in the room behind the bar (or hand them to the bar staff).


I hope that helps.

Many thanks,



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