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Second Hand Kit Shop Success

 7th Feb 2020
GHC-CrestColourLast weekend we had a great example of a club member who had an idea to help out and who made it happen...

Lucinda Frostick, whose children play in our Junior section, has set up two Second Hand kit sales so far this season.

Both sales, including last Friday night, gave people the opportunity to purchase pre-loved hockey items at low price with the proceeds going to the club. Win-win!

Efforts like this make a huge difference - making the club a nice place to be and bringing in funds to help us keep investing in a great experience for everyone.

Thank you soooooo much to Cindy for making this happen and to all who donated items for sale.

Also a huge thank you to the Nichols family who donated a whole set of Junior GK kit to the club that Abi was no longer using.

This will really make a difference to those young players wishing to try out and eventually play in goal - such an important role but GK-ing does require a lot of kit. Can't thank you enough!

Please note that if you have an idea or some energy to spare and wish to help make something happen, please get in touch with your Captain, Squad Manager, our Director of Hockey or anyone on the Management Team:

There is a full list of who's who with contact details here on the GHC website.

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