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Roles to be filled

GHC-Logo-97x133Apart from our Director of Hockey and growing group of professional coaches, GHC is run on volunteer help. As we grow and improve, the club needs more and more helpers.

Please get in touch if you have a few hours to share - you may find, like many, that these are some of the most rewarding hours of your week or month.

We are the generation currently looking after hockey and in particular looking after hockey at GHC - let's do our best to leave it in good hands for the next generation...

The club needs both hockey and non-hockey roles; background information, education/induction and support are all available for all roles:

  • Hockey Roles
  • Non-Hockey Lead Roles
  • Non-Hockey Support Roles

Headline Sponsors Required - :

  • GHC Schools Project 2024
  • GHC New Members Programme
  • GHC Flyerz 2020
  • GHC Performance Programme

Be Part of the Team - :

  • Performance Analyst and videographer
  • Flyerz Hockey Lead Coach
  • Umpire Development Lead

Create Something Really Special - :

  • Alumni Relationship Manager
  • Project 2024 (schools coaching) Administrator
  • Performance Programme Administrator
  • Mid-week Academy Administrator
  • Overseas Tour Co-ordinator
  • Safeguarding and Welfare (Lead and support required)
  • First Aid Kits and Supplies Manager

Junior Section Roles - :

  • Boys U12 Squad Administrator
  • Boys U12 Lead Coach
  • Boys U14 Squad Administrator
  • Girls U16 Squad Administrator


A few more roles and descrtiptions here...

Sponsorship & Fundraising Helpers -

James continues to run our Sponsorship/Parternership programme and is always looking to grow our network:

  • make a value proposition for our partners (advertising on our website & InTouch, banners, clubhouse)
  • get club members and friends to contact potential partners/sponsors
  • update the club brochure for the new season
  • organise sponsor/partner days

Marketing Project Helpers -

If you think you don't have the time to commit to leading a project or sparing a few hours every week, perhaps you have some skills and a few hours that could help as and when needed:

  • graphic design for posters (both print and social media)
  • photo and/or video editing
  • contact and go to schools and other organisations to put up posters

Club Equipment Manager -

Experience tells that when the equipment is managed, it doesn't disappear. With so many teams training and playing each week we do better to keep track of who has what kit, otherwise we end up with none (and balls don't grow on trees unfortunately).

We need someone to keep an inventory of which squad has what and who is responsible. A few hours at the start of the season and a few at the end of the season.

Club Relationships Officer -

There are plenty of sports and other organisations in the community with whom we could be maintaining valuable relationships. Active Surrey, Go Godalming, Sport Godalming, local leisure centres, Guildford Rugby Club, Guildford Cricket Club, etc. We could be sharing ideas and resources.

This role is for someone to promote the club through various local organisations:

  • collect and maintain a list of contacts in local organisations
  • understand and get to know various important initiatives and dates
  • work with club members to make joing efforts happen when appropriate

Club Welfare Officer -

The club is very big and safeguarding becomes more complex every year. GHC is looking for an additional welfare officer to help with safeguarding training and processing issues.

More information about the England Hockey SafeD programme is here on our website (with links to EH):


The role requires one to:

  • participate in an EH safeguarding course
  • keep up to date with the latest EH policies and guidance on safeguarding from EH
  • understand and implement the reporting process in liaison with EH

The guidelines and policies are all very clear and the EH contacts are easy to work with and very helpful. In terms of time, there is no set hourly amount of time - when an issue needs attention it may take an hour or a few hours during the week that it arises.

Clubhouse Decoration -

There are always projects in the clubhouse to be done. Roll up your sleeves and get involved or make useful suggestions.

Junior Section Roles -

Our junior section is growing fast - many jobs need doing, both hockey and non-hockey. New coaches are always welcome - if you are a parent and have played or coached before and are interested in getting qualified or just helping out on pitch, please get in touch.

Umpires also more than welcome - there are courses available to brush up on the rules and online help, too. We can provide you with matches of any level for practice (and would really appreciate your help).

And there are plenty of ways to help even if you have never picked up a stick before: squad managers, first aiders, match reporters, section administration and more.

Helpers for general projects -

If you would like to help but are not sure how your skills could best be utilised or you have a question about any of the above roles or anything else that could be done at the club, please get in touch with James. There are many ways to help, big and small.

Many thanks!


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