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Junior Subscription and Match Fees

Junior Member Subscription Fees

Please note a necessary condition of GHC Junior Membership is that at least one parent/guardian is required to be a GHC Adult Member. If you are a Parent who will also play at GHC, please register as an Adult Member. If you are a Parent who does not play, please register yourself first as an Adult Social Member in our online system, PSO, and then register your child (who will be attached to your registration):

  • £20 for a Parent who is not covered by a Playing Membership (this is the Adult Social Membership)
  • £130 for a U17/U18 player
  • £180 for a player in the U12+ junior player in a family (includes age 11 -18)
  • £160 for a player in the U10 age group (includes age 9 and 10)
  • £110 for a player in the U8 age group


Junior Match Fees

Match fees are payable for home EH Cup and Premier League matches (both competitions' rules require a match tea and the match fee is to cover the cost of the match tea when GHC host). The teams affected are the top team of the Under 14, 16 and 18 squads.

This season Junior teams will be organising match teas for other teams as well in order for more or our Juniors to enjoy the match tea experience with their teammates and opponents - a special part of the club hockey experience.


Overall Cost of Junior Hockey

We have reviewed the cost of our subscription fee (including the £0 match fee with the exception of match teas) compared to other local hockey clubs and to other organised sport that children play. Your child has access to about 30 weekly training sessions during the season and most players will play in between 10 and 30 matches.

On a per session basis, it is difficult to find better value. Our large pool of volunteers help us to keep costs down - our hard-working volunteer pool means that subs go to cover our biggest costs including pitch hire and top coaching.

For any subscription or match fee related questions, please email our treasurer,

or phone 07790 023570.


PSO Registration Instructions & Link

Please find the link to the online registration tool below. First please have a look at the relevant instructions.

New Members: Juniors and Junior Parents (playing and non-playing)

If you are a new GHC member (didn’t play at GHC in 2017/18), you will need to enter all contact and medical information and answer several questions – please allow 10 minutes for entering your and your child’s information and payment of subs; each subsequent child takes probably less than 5 minutes.

Using the tool for future seasons and other events during the season will be much simpler and quicker as most of the necessary details will already be in the system.

Please note - existing members need to follow instructions in their renewal email received from PSO in order that existing membership data are not lost (do not create a new membership using the below process and link).


To get it right first time….

  • Complete the registration in one session (avoid timing out) - please note that you will need medical information including doctor's name and address and also payment information (debit or credit card). It would be wise to have this to hand when you start in order to get through the registration screens as efficiently as possible.
  • You MUST register an ADULT membership FIRST. You need to register an adult before adding a child. Previous seasons incorporated the £20 social membership for non-playing parents into the subs structure (the first sibling was £20 more). For the purposes of the PSO tool we need to have an adult attached to every Junior player; what used to be a £20 'sibling discount' is now covered by this Adult registration and £20 payment (which also serves to cover the family social membership including insurance for family members who are not playing members).

Registration Instructions

  1. Read though all the information below then click on the link after point 10. This will open the PSO tool in a new window and allow you to refer back to these instructions during the registration process.
  2. The link will take you to a Registration form on a system called PaySubsOnline (PSO) starting with a Membership Categories Page.
  3. Register yourself (The Parent) FIRST - each Junior member must have a GHC Adult member associated with them. You (or your partner) will either be an Adult Social member or an Adult Playing member - choose the appropriate category for you (your family). Select '2018/19 Adult (…..)' membership category from the drop down list.
  4. Fill in all the requested information (some mandatory) for yourself OR your partner.
  5. Click on 'Submit and Add an Additional Member'.
  6. Select '2018/19 Junior Membership (...)'.
  7. Fill in all the requested information (some mandatory) for your child.
  8. Click 'Submit and proceed to next page'.
  9. Payment Screen - Choose 'Pay here'.
  10. Enter Details and Pay. Thank you.

New members: Click here for GHC Registration 2018/19 through PSO


How to pay using BACS

PaySubsOnline supports our membership database and is a convenient and secure payment mechanism for which GHC incurs an additional 3% charge. It is GHC's preferred payment method as it minimises the time Club Volunteers spend on administration and maximises their efforts on the delivery of GHC Social and Coaching activities - please use online payment through PSO.

If members are unable or unwilling to use the online payment facility, it is possible to pay by electronic fund transfers using BACS (details below). Please use your name as a reference and notify by email Mark Lenel (Treasurer) to allow him to record your payment. Please note that cheques are no longer be accepted.



7265 1637


If you prefer to pay by standing order, please email our treasurer,

or phone 07790 023570.

Thank you and enjoy the season!


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