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Registration for the 2019/20 Season

This season we continue to use PaySubsOnline (PSO) as our membership registration tool – please note PSO has been rebranded to LoveAdmin.

The online LoveAdmin tool helps reduce the administrative burden of managing our club membership which is now in excess of 1300 people.

As you will know, hockey requires plenty of costs - the club really depends on the income from subscription fees to continue to make Guildford Hockey Club a Great Place to Play.

Thank you in advance for completing your 2019/20 registration forms and payment as soon as possible!


  • Returning members
    • Please use the link that was emailed to you from the LoveAdmin system to re-new your subscription (ie do not use the link below).
      • Using the link that was emailed to you ensures that your existing membership information from the 2018/19 season is retained. Registering with the link below may create a new member record for you when one already exsits.
        • If you cannot find the email from LoveAdmin or think you didn't receive one, please email .
      • New members
        • Please note below the explanations of "Adult Social Members", "Adult Triallists" and "Junior Triallists" to help on the first LoveAdmin screen when you need to choose a membership option.
          • Scroll down for the LoveAdmin link - please register by choosing the appropriate category once you are on the LoveAdmin screen:
            • Triallists: choose the "Adult Triallist" and "Junior Triallist" options if you are trialling
            • Adults not trialling: choose the correct category
            • Juniors not trialling: choose "Adult Social" first (if parent is not a player) and then "Junior Member"


        Membership definition: Adult Social Member - Required for non-playing parent of Junior player

        We require a parent to be registered in LoveAdmin and attached to each Junior player's registration. If you yourself are not registering in our system as an adult player, please choose Adult Social Member first and then register your Junior player.

        A few years ago, GHC ran a 'sibling discount' programme which meant that the 2nd/3rd etc child in a family paid less than the first child. This continues to be the case but is managed within LoveAdmin by requiring that every family has one parent registered as an Adult Member (whether 'Social' or 'Playing'). This structure means that the 2nd child and further siblings pay less than the 1st child.


        Membership definition: Adult and Junior Triallist - for NEW members who would like to try before joining

        If you are an over 18 player and would like to trial before joining, please choose the Adult Triallist option in the membership options list.

        If your Junior player wishes to 'give hockey a go at GHC' we ask that a parent and the player are registered as 'Triallists' ie as an 'Adult Triallist' and as a 'Junior Triallist' so we have all necessary contact and medical details and consent for the Junior Player to participate.

        These memberships both have zero cost membership status: billing will only occur after 3 trial sessions are completed and the Triallist would like to join.


        LoveAdmin Registration Links for NEW members...

        Please click on the appropriate link here below - reminder to returning members, please refer to your renewal email from LoveAdmin:



        Thank you and enjoy the season!


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        Thank you to our Partners