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Process of getting a DBS Check for Guildford HC

Please with your name as shown in your ID.

Here is how the process works:

If you do not have a DBS check from another hockey club (see below if you do):

  • Melinda will create an application for you in GBG Online Disclosures
  • You will receive an email from GBG. Click on the link, fill in the form and submit it to GBG. This step involves you typing in details of three pieces of ID...
  • You need to then show your three pieces of ID to Melinda within 28 days of the application being activated in order for her to verify the ID documents that were used in filling the online form. A payment will be made by the club to cover the cost. We can do this via phone/photos/facetime.
  • The club will receive notice from England Hockey of a successful application. You will be informed also and can choose to have a paper or emailed copy.

Melinda’s contact details:

07507 559090

Melinda is close to Charterhouse and can meet you there or anywhere local to Godalming or the club for the document verification. Online works as well - zoom, webex, etc.


If you have a DBS from another hockey club, we can use a form to "port" the DBS to GHC. Please contact Melinda.

If you have a DBS from another organisation, we may be able to "port" it to GHC. Contact Melinda.



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