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New Kit Ahead of 2016/17 Season

 3rd Jun 2016

GHC logo - maroon - best - no text - 100A kit task force was put together a few weeks ago with the objective of finding the best solution for our members to have quality kit at an affordable price from a reliable supplier and to achieve better uniformity across the club. The kit committee included representation from the Men, Ladies and Juniors. Many suppliers and retailers were considered. The options were narrowed down to two and the club membership was asked for input. The kit committee has made a decision based on much research and input...



What were the results of the survey?

Over 150 members responded to the survey. The responses were as follows:

  • 61% preferred Adidas, 36% TK, the remaining 3% had no preference
  • 46% preferred Collars, 37% Crew neck, 17% had no preference
  • 98% of respondents were satisfied with the proposed kit policy, 2% were not (see policy below)

As a result and after much consideration about quality, price and reliability of supply, we have chosen the Adidas polo shirt and Adidas hoodies/sweatshirts as the kit for the next 4 years, and the proposed kit policy will be adopted.

See the kit in the gallery here - click on an icon:

Adidas-MenPoloCollar Adidas-LadiesPoloCollar Adidas-LadiesPoloCollarAway Adidas-MenPoloCollarAway Adidas-MenHoodie Adidas-LadiesHoodie Adidas-LadiesSweatshirt Adidas-MenSweatshirt Adidas-MenShortsWhite Adidas-TracksuitTrouser


Why are we changing supplier again so soon?

The club recognise that changing supplier regularly is not desirable. Unfortunately the previous supplier couldn't provide a consistent service or kit that was suitable for all players to wear, so the club has had to look for a different supplier who can fully meet the needs of the club.


Will we change again next year?

No, the Adidas kit will be our kit for at least the next 4 years at least. The Adidas hockey range is related to the Olympic cycle - we are at the start of their new 'T-16' line of kit (coming out for Rio 2016). Adidas tend to tweak their designs instead of completely re-vamp and we will re-visit towards the end of this four year cycle.


Will I need two shirts if I play junior and senior hockey?

No, the shirts are the same across the club and you will be assigned a unique number. You can play across teams, age groups and junior/senior in the same top.


Can I choose my own number?

The club’s numbering policy is still being decided, however we have decided on club numbering so that shirt numbers are compatible when moving up and down age groups and teams (we will no longer have to worry about having three number 7's on the pitch at the same time).


When can I order?

We are still finalising details with suppliers. Once completed we expect the kit will be able to be purchased early August. We will run a kit day to enable you to order the kit with sizing samples and numbering on site.


Can I order online?

After the kit day, ordering will also be available online.


I just bought new kit last year, do I also have to buy the new kit?

The Club’s new kit policy is that all players buy their own Home (white) playing shirt. We recognize that buying new kit can be expensive and have tried to keep costs down by allowing plain white shorts (male) or navy skort (female) rather than Guildford specific ones and using a set of ‘team’ Away shirts so that players do not have to buy both Home and Away playing shirts.

We realise that people already have GHC polo tops or older Mercian or Y1 shirts from last season. Most players will go through more than one shirt in a week of training and playing and these shirts can of course be used for training. We want all players in matches to wear the new playing top - in particular for any teams representing the club in special events (high profile tournaments or finals), we expect all players to be in the new club playing shirt.


Is numbering included in the price?

The GHC crest on the front and number on the back are included in the price of the playing shirt. Names will not be added to the back of playing shirts (only number).

The GHC crest on the front and a name on the back is included in the price of the hoodie.


Why are the shirts white? I thought our club colour is maroon.

Our Ladies and girls, Men's 1st team and some boys teams have played in white for many years now and we are bringing other teams and age groups in line with that. Some coaches say there is a pyschological advantage to white kit. And there are fewer clashes with opposition teams.

Away playing shirts will be maroon - there are opportunities for sponsors to offer a set of maroon shirts for each team. Please get in touch if you know anyone interested in sponsoring a set of shirts.

The club socks will stay the same.


Will other kit such as rain jackets, tracksuit bottoms, etc. be available?

Yes, other kit will be available, details will be communicated before the season starts.


Are you bringing out new kit for Goalkeepers as well?

Yes, the club are looking into how we can provide club kit for Goalkeepers as well.


How will I know what size to order?

Adidas size charts are available online, however to make it as easy as possible for members we plan to get the new supplier to bring down the full range of kit in pre-season to try on before you order. Samples will also be kept in the Clubhouse to check sizing.


Why are the hoodies/sweatshirts navy and white instead of maroon and white?

We had the choice between a standard hoodie of any colour (navy, maroon, a combination thereof) or the new Adidas T-16 hoodie/sweatshirt. The standard hoodie was very basic. For not much more (£5 for a junior item), the T-16 is distinctive and technical fabric that looks and feels great.

Adidas offer the T-16 hoodie/sweatshirt as standard in navy/white or red/white. Any other colour is bespoke and much too expensive to consider. The navy/white T-16 is in line with other similar hoodie prices and while not our club colour, does complement our club colours - white, navy, maroon all look good together.

The other advantage of the T-16 hoodies is that since it is a technical fabric, not a cotton hoodie, it will not fade so we won't end up with several different shades of maroon or blue after a few washings.


We realise members have hoodies they have purchased recently and still fit. It is perfectly fine to wear these but we encourage new purchases to be the new Adidas T-16. For teams playing in representative tournaments or finals, we would want all players to migrate to the new hoodie/sweatshirt.


It seems mad to have white hoodies for juniors?

The playing shirts and hoodies/sweatshirt are technical fabrics which wash well.

We conducted a test on the hoodie during the recent half-term junior camp - a hoodie was worn during the four hour session, thrown on the ground, stepped on and dirt rubbed into it. All came out in the washing that evening - the white was white and the blue was blue. While we cannot guarantee there will be no spots or stains, we are confident that if washing instructions are followed the hoodies and shirts will continue to look great.







The new club kit policy will apply to all playing members from U12 age groups through to the adult section. For U10 age groups and below club shirts are optional, but players will be welcome to purchase one. The club shirts can also be used for training (all former club shirts can be used for training as well).



All playing members are required to purchase a Guildford HC Home (White) playing shirt to represent the club in matches; All players purchasing a shirt will be issued with a club number at the time of purchase. Players will keep that number throughout their membership. Changes in numbers may be agreed with the club if numbers are passed on to family/friends.

'Away' shirts, to be used in the event of a colour clash, will be offered to members to buy, however they will not be a mandatory purchase. The Club will seek to provide Away shirts for teams through team captains, using existing Club kits. We welcome sponsorship for Away shirts - please get in touch with your captain or squad manager if you know anyone who would like to sponsor a set of shirts.



Club Skorts/Shorts will be made available for sale with the club logo, but are not mandatory. If members wish to use their own PLAIN White shorts (Boys/Men) or PLAIN Navy skorts (Girls/Women) they are welcome to do so.



White/Maroon hoop Club socks must be worn when representing the club in matches. New club socks will be available to purchase, but we will retain the current design and members may continue to use existing Guildford HC socks.    





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