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GHC Ladies' Super Saturday!

 2nd Apr 2017

20170401-L3sTeamHandsInAirGHC Ladies have had a superb season. All four team had strong results all through the season with lots of support and enthusiasm. After the 2s won their league in their final league match, it was up to the 3s and 4s the following weekend to see if they could follow suit. Both teams had to win by sizeable scores. See what happened...


Last matches of the season for the 3s and 4s, today, the 4s needed to win by 4 goals to take over EUHC Gamblers from the top spot in their table. The 3s needed a win to secure the top spot in their league.


In a stunning display of confidence and determination, the 4s were up by 5 goals in the first quarter of their match. They didn't let up and ended up scoring 9 goals to win the league and secure promotion.









The 3s were also on a very good day and managed a very good 3-0 win over Tulse Hill and Dulwich to secure the league winner position and promotion.




This was following the previous weekend when the 2s did the same!




Three GHC Ladies teams promoted!


And not to leave out the Ladies 1s who had their best season finish in many seasons. Disappointing to miss out on promotion - they were near the top of the table for most of the season but in the end had a few too many draws to get the points required.




What a season for the Ladies - well done, everyone!!!

And we welcome a new Ladies 5s team next season, too!!! Can't wait to see what they can do, too.



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