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Girls U18 Squad

Events    Friendlies, South Indoor Hockey Super 6s Qualifiers, League, EH Champs
  Please note our Under 18 girls train with our Ladies teams. We do not enter a GU18 team into leagues and cups every year; most choose to play Senior hockey but we do enter teams into leagues, both indoor and outdoor if there is good interest in doing so.


Many of our girls start playing Senior hockey as Juniors. They may do this from the age of 13.

By the time they are Under 17/18, most of our girls prefer to play in our range of Ladies teams - our top team play in the South Premier Division with our second team playing at the top of the Surrey league.

Four other GHC teams play in leagues below those which allows for plenty of variety; girls can play in the right team for them, depending upon their ability level and dedication to competitive hockey.

As a result we do not enter the Girls Under 18 Leagues.

But we do enter a team into the South Indoor Qualifying tournament which takes place in December 2019 this season.

Please contact Will Esplen if you are interested in GU18 Indoor Hockey.

And please see our Women's section pages for more information about our Senior teams. Contact Maggs Kyte for more information.


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