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Come and see why Guildford is a great place to play!

Whether your child has never played before or is an accomplished player aiming to progress to the highest levels of the sport, they will find plenty of ways to progress and enjoy their hockey at Guildford!

Our Junior programme information is split into three different areas - please click to find out more:


Section Logo JuniorsRegular Junior Club Hockey - click here to find out more about our Juniors programme which runs from early September to end of March and includes a mid-week training session (typically a Friday) and Sunday matches. This is where our Juniors compete in League, Cup and friendly matches and competitions during the normal Club hockey season.



Section Logo Future Stars


Guildford HC Talent System - click here to find out more about our Guildford HC Talent Academy (for Juniors with potential to become Senior Internationals) and the Guildford HC Future Stars Programme (a precurser to the Talent Academy programme).



Section Logo Junior Camps


Our Summer and Camps programme - click here to find out more about opportunities to train and play from April to August (outside of the normal league season) and during half-term holidays.




Custom-fitted Mouthguards


Top-Guards are high-quality, sports gumshields that are custom-made by a qualified dentist and dental technician.

These bespoke mouthguards are handmade using the latest digital scanning technology resulting in mouthguards that offer:

  • optimum protection
  • maximum comfort
  • easy communication

Top-Guards are a GHC Partner organisation.

See more information on the Top-Guards website.

Debs and her team take appointments for impressions; these often happen at the club for your convenience.

Contact for more information or to make an appointment.

Why Top-Guards?


Debs uses a top of the range technology scanning wand for a 3D image of your top jaw, no messy moulds required!


The appointment only takes 10 minutes, the mouthguard will take 10-14 days to be made and will be available for collection from the Club.


A custom-fit mouthguard has an excellent retentive fit, ensuring it stays put and does the job it's there to do. 

Protect against loss

The mouthguards are named and are delivered in a named box. Should they go missing, a replacement mouth guard can be generated from the original 3D scan


How often should my child be scanned for a new mouthguard? 

We normally suggest the players have a new guard every year until about age of 16 or earlier if they have had orthodontics and retainers are in place. 

How should I look after my mouthguard?

Mouthguards can be washed with warm water after use and stored back in the box (not in a pocket or sock please!) 

Do mouthguards work with braces?

As fixed orthodontic braces are trying to move the teeth and we want the mouthguard to fit for whole season if possible, we generally only make our mouthguards over fixed braces with specific permission from the player’s orthodontist. 


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