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GHC AGM 2016 Minutes

 7th Jun 2016

GHC logo - maroon - best - no text - 100Guildford Hockey Club Annual General Meeting 2016

Held in the GHC Clubhouse Sunday 15th May 2016 at 5pm. 31 members in attendance.




Tom Carney as Club Secretary welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained that before moving onto the main items on the Agenda there would be section reports.

President's Report

As President, Maggs Kyte gave an overview of some of the challenges facing sport in general and how they affected GHC. She also thanked Ian Russell, who is leaving the area, for the hard work and dedication since 1961 when he first started playing for GHC. Most recently Ian was co-President with Maggs. Ian has written a farewell article for the GHC website. Please check Club News.

Men's Section Report

James Relph spoke on behalf of the Men’s teams (Will Gibson absent on holiday) and reported of the disappointment of the Men’s 1s side who were relegated despite a sterling performance after Christmas. Having lost virtually every game pre-xmas under Duncan, it was always going to be a challenge for the new coaches, Hamish, Andy and Toby.

Next year’s coach will be Toby and we have allocated funds for Toby to recruit some new players to strengthen the squad and who can be compensated for coaching in other parts of the club. Moving to Saturday fixtures will prove a challenge for the teachers in the squad and we will work to adjust pb times accordingly.

The 2s finished ninth out of 12 in their league and the integration of 1s and 2s training has proved beneficial. The 3s finished 4th in their league and the plan next year is for Juniors to have the scope to be able to play in adult sides with more visibility and more of a development path. We are planning to have another Men’s side next season.

Ladies Section Report

Alice Lane gave an account of the Ladies 1s season where they finished 7th out of 12 - they now have a large squad and the focus next year will be to retain players especially in the 18-30 age category. Spirit and morale are good and they are looking forward to building on this year’s finish to the season which left them higher in the league than in the past few years.

Hannah highlighted the issue of Ladies 2s coaching and it was agreed that this would be addressed as a matter of urgency, hopefully with Chris continuing on as their coach. Briege gave a short summary of Ladies 3 and out of 18 games they won 12 and now have a consistent adult core for next season.

Junior Section Report

Melinda explained how the Juniors had yet another very successful year with an increase in numbers and quality and with growth mainly coming from more girls joining. Juniors come from more than 70 different schools, 60% are in 14 schools, the top four private and the next three state.

She explained the junior development programme of weekly training sessions, matches, specialist goalkeeping, mid-week sessions, camps, tours, opportunities to play in adult matches and more. Twenty-two 11-a-side teams competed in leagues and a dozen more 7-a-side teams played in mini tournaments. Highlights include three teams to League Finals, six teams to Regional Finals, two teams to National Finals, and excellent success in Barcelona with Plate Winners, Cup Winners and three Runners-Up.

Plans are in process for next season to staff the section with 120 helpers; we except some growth in numbers. We have specialist GK coaching with two organisations after the departure of Adrian Jenkinson (whose sons will no longer play and so has decided to give up coaching on a Friday evening) and also of Ian Murphy who left us after four seasons of coaching. Melinda thanked them both for leaving a strong legacy of excellence in junior GK coaching.

Plans are to get more coaches qualified and to include more professional coaching, to improve integration and communication with the adult sections to offer visibility and a develop path for those juniors wishing to play in adult teams. We will continue to build on our relationship with Charterhouse who made expanding our junior coaching possible this season with access to pitches and we look forward to special projects with their new Director of Hockey (Dan Fox) who is starting 1st October. We will also continue to build on our relationships with other schools in the area.

Agenda Items

1. Finance Report: Mark Lenel gave a short summary of this year’s results and next year’s budget was distributed showing a net profit for this year with a projected profit for next year. The only change to subs for next year was a small increase of £10 per annum for juniors 12 years+ to cover enhanced coaching costs (support for this was voted 85% in favour in a junior survey). The numbers also reflected two new adult teams and this situation would be reviewed again early next season. As we continue to build our reserves we intend to spend some of the refurbishment budget to improve carpeting and furniture in the Clubhouse.


2. Club Welfare

Michelle Fussell gave an update on outstanding issues and changes to EH policy and urged all those involved with junior players to ensure their certification and qualifications are in order.


3. Election of Club Officers

The following people were voted in as the new Board:  Mark Lenel / Sam Plater / Alice Lane / Maggs Kyte / James Relph / Martin Sampson / Tony Hall / Melinda Rock / Gary Lonie / Will Gibson / Dave Dickson. The Board would like to thank Tom Carney for his contributions over the past six years.


4. Marketing

In Martin’s absence James explained we are in discussions with a professional fund raiser as well as retaining some of last years sponsors directly.


5. AOB


  • Kit - a working party with representation across the Club has been set up to review two or three suppliers with a view to be able to place orders within the next few weeks so as to make the start of the new season. All teams will have the same playing shirt with a clubwide numbering system.
  • It was agreed to amend our Constitution to comply with CASC regulations regarding a) nondiscriminatory membership b) nonprofit organisation c) distribution of assets apon dissolution to CASC or EH.
  • It was agreed to explore coaching sessions that will help provide opportunities for those not getting additional sport in school.


Meeting ended at 2015




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