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GHC - A Great Place to Play - our oppo think so, too!

 16th Nov 2019

20191012-MensShadowsTeamThe Men's Shadows had a tough game on Saturday, but captain James Higgins received some really pleasing feedback from his opposition counterpart after the match...



"Hi James,

I just wanted to drop you a quick message to say it was such a joy to play you guys yesterday.

Your team was a real class act, good sportsmanship throughout, willingness to wait as long as we could for our delayed guys.

Everyone was fair when we played, no one kicked off, got chippy or yappy. It was all about hockey and playing the game none of this BS you get with 99% of the other teams out there.
A real breath of fresh air, I can't remember a time I actually played a game like this.
When I mentioned this to the other OKs Mens captains here, they all echoed my same thoughts whenever they've played a Guilford team.
Best of luck for the remainder and see you in the new year."


What fantastic feedback - really nice to hear and that someone went out of his way to write to us. Guildford - A Great Place to Play.


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