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Form 1: Player Details and Consent

Please complete the details and consent form for your player - you will need your player's passport and EHIC details. Please note the comments in the grey boxes for guidance and the format for the required dates - this information will go directly to British Airways for the Advanced Passenger Information. Errors could incur an additional charge (for you) - please be very careful

 Player FIRST and MIDDLE names must be all names AS THEY APPEAR ON YOUR PASSPORT 
 This must be in the format DDMMMYYYY for the airline API with D and Y as numbers and MMM as letters - 20/02/1980 should be entered as 20Feb1980 
 This must be in the format DDMMMYYYY for the airline API with D and Y as numbers and MMM as letters - 15/04/2020 needs to be entered as 15Apr2020 
 The number that starts with UK... 
 The 10 digit number after 80826 00001 
 I have read the instructions and description of the tour and consent to my child taking part. I accept that hockey is a contact sport and that minor injuries can occur.

My child will be responsible for wearing suitable shoes, shin pads and a gum shield at all times when on the field of play and will wear face protection (provided) and cricket box (not provided) to defend short corners. I acknowledge that Coaches will refuse to allow a player on the pitch if he or she does not have adequate protection for the standard of game being played.

I agree to my child receiving every medical, dental and surgical treatment deemed necessary by the medical and other qualified personnel advising at the time, including blood transfusions and anaesthetics. I understand that the club will try to contact me immediately in any such event, but that in an emergency, decisions may need to be taken in my absence.
  *Indicates a field you must enter.

When you have completed the above fields, please click the Send Details button ONCE to send.


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