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First Aid and Umpiring Courses Completed

 20th Nov 2014

2014-08-060aJamesRelphThere is no doubt that running an amateur sports club requires a lot of hours from our army of volunteers. Many, many people give their time and effort and skills for which we are all very grateful. And every now and then we have a case of someone going above and beyond...

The Club is lucky to have players, parents, coaches and people who just generally help out. James Relph is all of the above: he plays for the Men's teams when he can, he coaches the Under 14 Boys and helps with the Under 10 Girls and Under 8s when he can, he supports Junior and Adult matches, and he has been helping this season with the resourcing and coaching for the Junior Section.

Most recently, James organised some really valuable Umpiring and First Aid courses for our coaches, parents, players, and older Juniors. As our Junior Section has grown, so have we had to keep investing in our resources to be able to deliver a great hockey experience to all players. James found the appropriate people to run the courses, circulated the invitation and made sure the four sessions ran smoothly and productively. We had 46 people complete the recent courses and the feedback was really positive.

James is also working on organising Coaching courses. There have been no spaces available on England Hockey courses this season as EH are in the process of re-vamping their Coaching Level certificates. In their absence, James will be looking into alternatives as well as keeping in close touch with EH as to when and how their new 'modular' system of coaching certificates will be delivered.

Please join the Management Committee in congratulating James on a job well done and offering our many thanks for what he has done already so far this season and will continue to do to help make sure the Club's resources are being developed. Thanks, James!!


There will be more courses on offer so please look out for news of upcoming events in your email, on the website and in InTouch. We will ALWAYS need more Umpires, First Aiders and Coaches. The courses can help give you the skills and confidence to the next level - you probably already know more than you think you do! Come one, come all (and thanks again, James!).


Umpiring Courses attended in October 2014

Thank you all for participating. Don't hesitate to get stuck in - start with training matches and be confident to get into the mix of weekend matches going on. Keep your eye out for further sessions to boost your confidence and skills and ask a seasoned umpire to look over your shoulder in a training match if you think it might help.

  • Robin Reed (Player, GU12 coach)
  • Dave Stubley (GU16 parent)
  • Briege Wyllie (GU14, Player L3s)
  • Abby Clarkson (GU18)
  • Dave Dickson (GU14 coach)
  • Robert Manning (GU10 coach, BU10/MU08 parent)
  • Tony Smith (GU10 coach)
  • Ross Thompson (BU16)
  • Paul Thompson (BU8/12/14/16 parent)
  • Jeremy Holt (to support)
  • Richard Crombie (Pilgrims player)
  • Simon Oddie (BU12, GU14 parent)
  • Matt Rees (BU10 coach)
  • Vanessa Alexander (GU10 coach)
  • Will Esplen (GU12 coach)
  • Jess Crathern (GU18)
  • Mike Hope (BU12, GU14 parent)
  • Mark Lenel (Pilgrims player, MU08 coach)
  • Rose Kay (GU16/18 parent)
  • Russ Alexander (Player, BU10/12 parent)
  • Lisa Nichol (GU14 parent)
  • Mark Edwards
  • Emma Welland (GU10 coach)
  • Cameron Rodgers (BU16)
  • Caroline Rees (BU10 manager)

"It was excellent and Jane was really engaging and explained clearly the rules. I would feel more confident umpiring a game now"

"A couple of hours well spent and a good intro/refresher covering the key points and pitched at about the right level for the size and experience of the group. There was some good discussion around match situations and on particular rules to clarify some areas of controversy"

"I got the impression that we were all good with the theory but the pace and complexity of reality was still daunting. Like learning to drive by only reading the Highway Code"

"Was very good course, she kept the info/interest moving & filled me with more confidence the next time I pick up the whistle.."



First Aid Courses completed in November 2014

Thank you all for participating in what was a very good overview/reminder of what to do in the case of being the 'First Aider.' You will all receive a certificate which is valid for three years. Look out for our First Aid procedures compiled by Adrian Jenkinson on The Club page of the website.

  • Michelle Fussell (Club Welfare Officer, Player)
  • Mark Lenel (Player, MU08 coach)
  • Brian Dunleavy (BU10, MU08 coach)
  • Roy Walton (BU16 coach)
  • Mike Hope (BU12, GU14 parent)
  • Emma Welland (GU10 coach)
  • Isabel Ferguson (GU16)
  • Lucy Spence (GU16)
  • Sarah Egerton (GU14 manager)
  • James Ferguson (BU18, Player M1s, coach)
  • David Jennings (GU12 coach)
  • Angela Thompson (MU08 manager, BU08/12/14/16 parent)
  • Chris Powell (Player, GU14 coach)
  • Charles Atkins (BU16 coach, BU10 parent)
  • Tony Smith (GU10 coach)
  • Jess Crathern (GU18, GU12 coach)
  • Melinda Rock (Junior Section, BU14/18 manager)
  • Christophe Boulanger (GU12, BU14/18 parent)
  • Vanessa Alexander (GU10 coach, MU08 parent)
  • Polly Spence (GU18)


"The first aid course on Monday was good, albeit quite brief.  Gary was an excellent teacher, informal & friendly, not stuffy at all!  In about 1½-2 hours we had covered the basics of Preliminary assessment (i.e. wtf happened here, then) ­ CPR (including using the dummies) ­ Secondary assessment (check over for other injuries / recovery position).  We then very briefly touched on a few other very particular scenarios."

“Session was useful.  Gary is a decent bloke and has an entertaining manner which kept it interesting.  My initial feel was he could maybe have done a bit more on the typical hockey injuries and less on the CPR, but we did discuss these things in the Q&A afterwards and how much more can you say about applying an ice pack and dressing a cut”

And...thank you, James!




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