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EH Proposal: A Struture Fit for the Future

 10th Feb 2020

In the England Hockey AGM 2017, a motion was tabled and approved for EH to review the governance of hockey in England.

The background to the motion was that many people were finding the processes, tools and organisations involved in delivering hockey to be inefficient, inconsistent and unnecessarily complicated.

A project has since been in process and a new structure has been proposed - the upcoming AGM 2020 (17 March) will include a vote to approve the new structure.

The proposal - "A Structure Fit for the Future" - sets out the plan to modernise, streamline and improve the administration of hockey for the benefit of players, clubs and the organising bodies.

This presents a once in a generation opportunity to systematically improve the sport, aligning our collective efforts more effectively to create:

  • A fairer structure for clubs and participants to progress within competitions and league structures
  • Common league rules across the genders and different areas
  • Improved junior competition structures
  • Less travel for clubs and players
  • Common structures and approaches will make administration easier for clubs and associations
  • A leaner more accountable structure that will be easier to improve in future aligned to club's wishes
  • More alignment that will provide greater opportunity to systematically improve technology provision

The GHC Board are in the process of deciding how GHC will vote in the AGM; some of us have been engaged with the review and restructure process meetings since the beginning.

We want to share with GHC membership the proposal and seek any feedback or comments you might have that we should consider.

Some of more relevant documents and references are here:

Please send any feedback, comments, concerns before 19 February to or get in touch with any of us individually (GHC Contact List)

The resolution to be voted on in AGM 2020 is this:

  • "Approval of the resolution to endorse the ‘Structure Fit for the Future’ proposal and instruct England Hockey to work with the membership with the aim to deliver the changes proposed in the timeline set out in the full proposal document."

The time frame is to move on to detailed planning if the resolution is approved in March with implementation ready for the 2021/22 season.


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