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EHB Visits GHC

 8th Jan 2016

174651 eh-primary-logo-rgb-100Our EHB South Region Relationship Manager, Natalie Beckett, and the EHB Clubs & Facilities Manager, Kirsty Goldie-Brammer, visited Guildford Hockey Club on Friday evening. During their previous visit, Natalie and Kirsty were in the process of conducting research across the country on what makes a great club. This time they followed that up with some helpful discussion on how we do things and what could help us do better...


Over several months, EHB conducted interviews of the country's biggest clubs. To put this in context, there are 839 clubs across the country, 35 of which include 20% of the country's players. Guildford is one of those bigger clubs and was part of the research.

After the fact-finding and interviewing process, EHB grouped the comments and feedback into areas of focus that every successful club had. The seven areas identified are (in no particular order):

  1. Having great club leadership
  2. Having appropriate and sustainable facilties
  3. Having inspired and effective people
  4. Offering different ways to play
  5. Having a friendly, social and welcoming atmosphere
  6. Being local with strong community connections
  7. Offering opportunities to stretch and develop those who want it

Kirsty and Natalie asked a lot of questions on Friday evening about how GHC operates in each area and offered suggestions and resources from their experience of speaking with other clubs and what EH can help with. It was a useful exercise and they followed up almost immediately with feedback and a few suggestions one of which is a player survey they can operate for us (anonymously) and which we will be sending out to all players soon to get your views.

There were many other suggestions that we will be actioning as we move GHC forward. Anyone who would like to help continue to make Guildford a great place to play, please get in touch with any Board member, your captain or squad manager:

GHC Contacts

Junior Section Contacts

Huge thanks in advance!

Also many thanks to Kirsty and Natalie who travelled across counties to come and spend a few hours with us on Friday evening!



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