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Junior League Standings as of 15 March 2020

 20th Mar 2020

Junior fun dayWith the covid-19 pandemic shutting down hockey before the end of the season, here is a look at where our teams have finished up to 15th March 2020. Very few teams had finished their league tables completely. Some still had opportunities to improve there positions.



The following teams qualified for League Finals Day which means they either came top two in their Premier League or they prgoressed through knock-out play-offs in non-Prem Leagues to qualify:

  • Boys Under 14 A - 2nd in Premier League
  • Girls Under 14 A - 1st in Premier League
  • Girls Under 16 A - 1st in their League table, won knock-out match against Epsom to progress to League Finals
  • (Boys Under 18 A - had one match to play to get 2nd in Premier League)
  • Boys Under 14 B - 3rd in their League table, progessed to knock-out stages but knocked out by two strong teams


Boys' Teams

Boys Under 18 Premier League (one match to play: likely a 2nd place finish)



Boys Under 16A Premier League - 7th of 7 (one match still to play)



Boys Under 16B South League - 3rd of 4 (one match still to play)



Boys Under 16C Challenge South League - 5th of 6 (3 matches still to play)



Boys Under 14A Premier League - 2nd of 8 (one match to play: place secure)

Qualified for League Finals Day



Boys Under 14B South League - 3rd of 6 (all matches played)

Qualified for League Finals Play-offs (lost to Teddington B and Reading A)



Boys Under 14C Challenge Central League - 6th of 8 (three matches still to play)



Girls' Teams

Girls Under 16A - 1st of 6 (all matches played)

Qualified for League Finals Day through knock-out match against Epsom



Girls Under 16B - 5th of 6 (all matches played, place secure)



Girls Under 14A Premier League - 1st of 4 (all matches played)

Qualified for League Finals Day



Girls Under 14B - 2nd of 4 (all matches played, place secure)



Girls Under 14C - no points tallied in this league but 2nd on goal difference



Girls Under 14D - no points tallied but 3rd on goal difference



Girls Under 12 Gazelles in Under 14 League - 2nd of 6 (with 1, 2, 3 games in hand over teams below: could have got 1st, at least 2nd)



Girls Under 12 Shadows - no points tallied in this league but 2nd on goal difference



Girls Under 12 Whirlwind - no points tallied in this league but 2nd on goal difference



Girls Under 12 Storm



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