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200 Club Legacy Winners and New 100 Club Winners

 31st Jan 2017

100ClubYou may or may not be aware that GHC operated a '200 Club' Lottery over a numner of seasons; this 'legacy' Lottery has now been concluded (winners names below!). GHC now have a new Lottery called the 100 Club. For details on how to join and this week's winners, read more...


GHC Treasurer, Mark Lenel, is delighted to announce that our legacy 200 Club Lottery - which was dormant last season - has now been concluded with the following set of final winners:

  • 1st prize    £360.00   Dave HALL
  • 2nd prize   £180.00   Chris BASEY
  • 3rd prize     £60.00   Dave TOPLAS


Our new format 100 Club Lottery was launched this month. Our inaugural winners are:

  • 1st prize    £45.00   Mat REES
  • 2nd prize   £15.00   Robert MANNING


The 100 Club is a great way for any member to support GHC. As the name suggests…we are looking to get 100 Club members participating in this Club Lottery. The objective of the 100 Club is not to add directly to the operating income of GHC, but rather to be used on specific projects to improve and enhance the playing and social experience of GHC members around the clubrooms and pitches at Broadwater. It has been a bit of a slow start, with only 40 members signed up so far, but if we can get membership up to our target of 100 we can raise around £3000 per year.


All who have already joined or expressed interest in the 100 Club via our PSO Registration process have been contacted by email. If your direct debit payment has been set up you were included in the draw.


If you would like to know more about the programme and take part in our GHC 100 Club Lottery in future months, please have a look at the Club 100 rules and contact our .

Best of luck to you in the next draw!!


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