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Squad Objective

The BU16 squad is an important step between boys' hockey and men's hockey. In these two seasons, we aim to develop the boys into players who are capable of and ready for the faster-paced, more strategic and tactical hockey played by men. For some this will take the two years they have in the BU16s and for others who are playing at the top end of the ability range we expect them to be working toward a level where they are pushing for 1st & 2nd Team selection. Boys develop at different rates and different times and these two years will give them opportunities to really develop their game.

Once they leave the BU16 squad, our boys have options to continue playing Junior hockey in our BU18 squad and also to particiapte in Men's teams at the level appropriate to their development.



Please be prompt and make sure you register your attendance with the squad manager or helper on duty.



Please help by paying close attention to emails about matches and general administration, availability requests in particular. will be looking after the administration and organisation of training and matches. Please check the GHC website regularly for information and future dates. To maximise your son's potential and development, we are running 4 teams in leagues. This requires a lot of administration and your help is crucial in making this a successful season.


Matches & Leagues

Our top team in this age group play in the Premier League. We have two teams in Regional Leagues where they will play against strong opposition teams. And we have a team in the Challenge League accommodating all levels with opportunities to develop each player accordingly.

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